4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Refrigerated Transport Company for Your Perishable Goods

Refrigeration of perishable goods is crucial, especially when transporting them by road. Their quality can quickly deteriorate if you fail to provide adequate and proper refrigeration. However, ensuring refrigerated transport isn't an easy feat. It would be best to consider various crucial factors regarding cooling to deliver products in the ideal condition. 

Ideally, working with a reputable refrigerated transport service provider offers numerous benefits, including these four:

Pre-Cooling Services

Sometimes, pre-cooling is mandatory for some products to increase their shelf life before they're loaded in a refrigerated truck for transport. That's especially true for goods that require transportation over longer distances.

Since loading is vulnerable to delays and exposure to heat, pre-cooling ensures that products retain their quality under these circumstances. That means that before choosing the ideal refrigerated transport provider, determine whether pre-cooling services are offered to minimise the chances of product damage at the loading stage.

Product Packaging

When finding the right refrigerated transport firm, determine their packaging services. For long-distance shipments, there is a need for proper packaging. Improper packaging might result in extensive product damage, which is costly.  Apart from packaging, pay attention to the shipment truck used by the company to transport the goods. Consider verifying the truck's interior dimensions and ascertain whether it has ample space to fit all the products without squeezing them. 

Also, some product types might need special packaging to prevent potential damage from moisture and frost conditions. Therefore, inquire from your service provider whether they offer additional packaging for certain products and their cost. 

The Transport Schedule

Another critical aspect to consider when looking for the ideal refrigerated transport company is the number of stops made during a delivery trip. Never assume that the company will make non-stop trips while delivering your goods. Generally, truck drivers will make several stops to drop off different product consignments to clients. 

Since you are shipping perishable goods, direct transport is ideal for preventing potential damage. A reputable refrigerated company will exercise due diligence to prevent scenarios where there are delays and overstaying of perishable goods on transit. 

The Company's Expertise 

Finally, when choosing a refrigerated transport company, find out their experience level in transporting similar goods. For instance, a company might have more profound expertise in moving dairy products and be less experienced in transporting flowers. 

Therefore, it makes more sense to know the type of refrigerated products a company handles before rushing into hiring one. Conduct thorough research to learn the type of products the refrigerated transport company deals with to avoid any surprises along the way. 

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