3 Details You Need To Clarify When Hiring A Wedding Coach

Do you require a convenient mode of transport during your wedding? If you have started planning for your wedding, then the most convenient means of transportation is to charter a coach for the wedding party through a place like Sea Cliff Coaches. However, to be able to get the best service, you must provide critical information to the charter company. Below are some details that you need to clarify when you want to hire a wedding coach. 

The number of guests

When contacting the charter company, do not simply say that you need a coach. There are many coaches with different carrying capacities and stating that you need a coach is vague. Suppose you say that you need a bus and the vehicle that arrives cannot hold all your guests. Such a situation can be very embarrassing especially during your wedding. To avoid such incidences, always state the number of guests who will be part of your wedding party. This will enable the charter company to provide you with a bus that suits your needs. The company can also offer suggestions on which coach is appropriate. If there are fifty guests, getting a fifty-seater bus might seem like a good idea, but it can be very packed. The best option would be to get two buses which have smaller capacities but will be more spacious.

The wedding schedule

It is vital to inform the charter service provider details regarding the wedding schedule. When you fill out the hiring form and state that you need a coach for your wedding, it becomes a challenge for the charter company to plan for your special day. An ideal approach would be to state the time the wedding starts and the location where the guests should be picked up. Essential details include the location of the reception and whether the bus will be required to drop the wedding party back to their respective homes. Such details make it easier for the charter company to plan for your special day and ensure that all your transportation requirements are catered for. 

Items that should be provided

Since this is your special day, you might have some unique requirements. Feel free to share these details with the bus charter company to ensure that your day is memorable. Examples of requests include having several wine bottles on the bus, or you can decide to have red roses throughout the entire bus. Always provide such details several days before the trip so that the charter company can make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs.