How a Travel Agent Can Help the Disabled Have a Very Good Vacation

You may be having limited mobility due to an illness or injuries. You may also be wondering whether it is possible for you to go on vacation abroad. A travel agent can be very instrumental in helping you to have an enjoyable vacation that is free from any major inconveniences due to your disability. This article discusses some of the ways through which a travel agent can be of help.  

Choosing Accessible Accommodation

Many hotels say they are accessible but the degree of accessibility varies. For instance, one hotel may claim that it is accessible just because it has an elevator. A travel agent can help you to select the best hotel at your travel destination based on your accessibility needs. For instance, he or she may book a hotel that has special rooms equipped with grab bars in the bathroom. Such accessible rooms can also be located close to facilities like the dining area in order to limit the distance you have to move.  

Choosing Accessible Transportation

It can be challenging to get affordable accessible transportation if you are new in an area. This is where the experience of a travel agent comes in. He or she can design travel plans that enable you to take advantage of affordable public transportation so that you limit how often you have to take taxis or drive. The travel agent can do this because he or she may have extensive knowledge about the public transport network in different vacation destinations. This knowledge can save you from incurring very high costs in order to meet your accessible transportation needs.  

Accessible Transport Tips

Travel agents have some experience about what can go wrong as a person with special needs travels. For instance, they may have had experiences where their clients discovered that parts of their wheelchairs were damaged during a flight. The agent will give you very helpful tips such as removing delicate parts (such as the wheelchair controls) so that you carry them as carry-on luggage. He or she may also help you to get the address of a wheelchair repair facility at your vacation destination so that you know where to go in case you need repairs to be done. As you can see, you will save yourself a lot of uncertainty if you engage a travel agent who has experience in helping the disabled to have memorable vacations. Contact an agent near you so that he or she can get you the best accessible transportation while you are on your trip.