4 Benefits of Choosing Charter Travel

Travelling by plane can sometimes be really uncomfortable and tiresome. Despite the tireless efforts of airline carriers to improve the customer flight experience, there will always be crying babies, music coming from your seat neighbour and other factors disturbing you. If you're really tired of flying on commercial planes, maybe it's time you chose charter flights. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of air charter travel:

1. Flexibility and comfort

Charter flights allow you to fly whenever you want and however you want. You're free to design your own itinerary and decide when you want to fly. You also have the possibility of choosing the aircraft you want to fly with as well as the schedule and stopping points of the aircraft. If you have a last minute change of plans, you can always reorganise the flight schedule.

Charter flights are ideal if you plan on travelling with your entire family or friends. A charter jet usually has up to 18 passenger seats. Private airplane charters are meant to attend to your needs in the best way possible.

2. Charter travel saves time

Unlike commercial flights, charter flights don't require you to arrive at the airport hours in advance for security and checking purposes. Nor are you subject to x-ray screening, individual security checks or luggage restrictions.

Additionally, charter flights can land at over 7,000 airports worldwide, compared to just 300 in the case of commercial airlines. This means you can land closer to your destination and thus spend less time travelling by land.

3. Enjoy your privacy

Businesses around the world choose charter flights for the level of privacy they offer. Company executives can discuss top business matters without having to worry that an outsider is listening or that someone will disturb them. You can do almost anything you want on your chartered jet and be sure that no one will judge or take you to task.

4. Luxury

During your charter flight, you will be surrounded by luxury. The cabins are usually spacious, covered in top-notch materials and equipped with advanced equipment. You are free to watch movies, TV, listen to music and even work in quiet if you have to. You can customize your in-flight experience and entertainment and even adapt the catering menu to your own preferences.

All in all, charter flights offer what commercial air travel won't be able to give any time soon.