The Top 4 Types of Claims You May Encounter in Freight Transport

Damages, loss, and shortages during transportation of cargo may occur because of bad roads, unfavorable weather, or human error thus giving rise to a freight claim. As part of fair business practice you have a right as a customer to ask for financial refund from a transporter because of damages or losses incurred during shipment. This article discusses four of the most common types of cargo claims that you can file as a consignee.


This is one of the common filed claims in freight transport and it originates from an instance where the goods being transported are dented, deformed, broken or split. For this claim to be valid, the damage must be visible when the cargo is inspected upon delivery. The damage must also be indicated in the proof of delivery documents. 


This type of freight claim is lodged and supported by the documentations and notations made against the original bill of lading indicating that the cargo that was picked for shipment did not make it to its destination. The fact of the case here is that no proof of delivery was ever signed and as such a claim is necessary to recover the lost cargo.


During freight, part of the cargo may fall on the way or leak in the case of gases and fluids. The shortage claim seeks compensation for part of the freight that was never delivered even though it was loaded at the point of shipment and indicated in the bill of lading. It is important that you carefully inspect your cargo at the point of delivery and any discrepancies noted on the delivery document. The freight driver should sign all the copies of the delivery documents and acknowledge that there was a shortage.

Concealed Damage or Shortage

When inspecting your cargo, there are some damages and shortages that are not obvious unless you open the respective packages. This type of claim is usually very contentious because it may come later after the delivery documents have been signed.

It is advisable that you open up the packages and verify the individual units before you append your signature on the documents. This will entitle you to a full reimbursement otherwise you may only get a fraction of the value of your claim.

Freight claim management is a very sensitive process and as a customer you need to be aware of every detail so as to ensure that your interests are taken care of. Talk to companies like Jayde Transport if you have more questions.