Aerial Photography: 3 Challenges Novices Should Prepare For

Photographs that are taken during an aerial tour can be a breathtaking record of what you saw during that trip. However, taking these kinds of photos presents several challenges that you may not be used to dealing with if only photograph objects while still. This article discusses some of the photography challenges that you should anticipate as you go for your first aerial tour.

Motion Challenges

The biggest challenge that you are likely to face during your aerial tour is how to deal with the impact of the movement of the aircraft as well as the camera. These movements and vibrations can cause your photographs to be blurred. One way to overcome this challenge is by selecting the highest-quality camera that you can find. Pay special attention to the shutter speed of that camera that you select. Ask those experienced in aerial photography for recommendations about the best shutter speed for taking aerial photos.

Physical Obstructions

You may also have to deal with taking photos when there is a physical obstruction, such as another person partially blocking your view. Alternatively, you could be compelled to take a photo when part of the aircraft, such as a window frame, is in the way. It may be hard for you to overcome these challenges completely. However, you can reduce their impact by taking some trial shots long before you reach the scenic sites that you wish to photograph. In this way, you will know how to position yourself and the camera in order to capture the shots of the scenery below the aircraft.

Timing Challenges

You need to use your judgement to select the best moment when you should take the shot. However, your lack of experience in taking aerial photos may initially affect your timing. One way to compensate for this deficiency is by taking as many shots as you can. Chances are high that one or more of those numerous shots may have captured the scene exactly as you wanted it. That can also help you hopefully get at least one clear shot instead of just one blurry photo.

Work closely with the aerial tour company so that they can help you to select a tour day when the weather is conducive for taking aerial photos. You can then do the best that you can during that first tour. You will improve greatly as you gain more experience in taking aerial photographs.