Toddlers in Limos: Four Points to Keep In Mind Whilst Planning

If your toddler has a special birthday coming up or if he or she is going to a formal dance, you may want to hire a limo for the occasion, but you need to ensure it's safe and fun for the kids. When looking for the right limo service and planning the journey, there are several elements to consider. Here's what to keep in mind:

1. Car seats and restraints

In most cases, toddlers still need to ride in car seats for safety purposes, and if you want your child to be safe in case of an accident, you should see if you can find a limo with anchors that you can hook the car seats to. Alternatively, you may want restraints for the kids.

However, restraints are not required as long as the limo seats at least 12 people. If it's smaller than that, your child needs to be an an age-appropriate car seat or restraint to ride in the limo.

2. Forward-facing seats

In most cases, seats in any direction are fine legally in a limo as long as you are meeting the other conditions regarding restraints. However, if you have your child in a car seat and you want it to work as expected in the event of a crash, you should hire a limo with forward facing seats.

If fun is your top concern, get a limo with seats facing each other so all the toddlers can chat or have a snack whilst on the road.

3. Kid-friendly drinks

In many cases, limos come equipped with drinks and snacks, but as little kids aren't into bubbly, make sure to talk with the limo company about providing age-appropriate drinks. Non-alcoholic wine or champagne is a fun choice, or you can ask the limo company to stock up on soft drinks or juice boxes.

Make sure the limo is prepared for spills with extra paper towels or rags stowed in a discreet spot. With kids in a moving vehicle, spills can be inevitable. If you select a limo that specialises in kids events or does them on a regular basis, they often have these processes and supplies in place, from experience.

4. Music

Don't let the stereo system sit unused. Instead, make a mix of your kid's favourite tunes to play in the limo. Use a mix of fun pop tunes, your child's favourite songs from children's films or fun music made by kids' artists.