Important Considerations for Deciding on a Bus Hire

Hiring or renting a bus for your group can mean having everyone travel together safely and conveniently, and using the time on the road to cover information for an upcoming seminar or just to kick back and relax while on your way to a club or party. There are many different types of buses you might hire and many factors to consider about the rental itself, so note a few important considerations to keep in mind. These will ensure you get the right bus and know everything involved in its hire.

1. Driver versus bare rental

A bare rental often refers to renting any type of equipment or vehicle without a driver. You might assume you can save some money by getting a bus that you drive yourself, but consider this option carefully. This will mean you should curb your own drinking if you're heading out to a party or nightclub. It can also mean not being able to focus on the group in the bus, so you miss out on being able to review information covered in a seminar. 

A minivan may be manageable for many drivers, but larger buses may be more difficult to drive than you realize; you may not know how to manage tight turns or short parking spaces and cause damage to the bus, losing your security deposit. Carefully consider the option of a bare rental before you decide that the money you might save is worth it.

2. Guided tours

If you're considering a bus rental because you want to take a tour group to some popular destinations, it may be a good choice to ask about a guided tour from the bus hire company. They may know of certain spots that you're overlooking with your plans, and may also know how to best maneuver through busy and crowded tourist attractions that may host hundreds of visitors every day. Rather than trying to manage a tour on your own, have the bus hire company tell you what they can offer by way of a tour.

3. Consider comfort

For any type of longer trip, be sure you check over the comfort factor of a potential bus hire. How wide are the seats and do they recline at all? Is there air conditioning all the way to the back of the bus? Does the bus provide Wi-Fi for everyone to check their email while en route to your destination? Never assume that all buses are the same but especially for longer trips will you want to consider these small but important factors that will affect everyone's comfort.